Special Interest Groups

BITS Special Interest Groups facilitate focused discussions, information sharing, and research on various subjects of importance to our members. They are typically (but not always) “interest discussion only” forums and do not produce work product/deliverables. For more information about any BITS group or project, contact Ann Patterson at or 202.589.2448.


BITS established the Legislation group to assess the impact of proposed cybersecurity legislation, inform members of Congressional developments, determine industry consensus on key provisions, review BITS/Roundtable testimony and coordinate efforts with other organizations. On May 12, the Administration released a cyberscurity legislative proposal, which the Roundtable supported in testimony before House and Senate committees. Numerous cybersecurity bills have been proposed since.

BITS/FSR bill summaries and position statements on current legislation.

Financial Services Roundtable Policy Statements.

Contact Nicole Muryn,, for more information about BITS' legilsation work.

Data Governance

This group is discussing and exchanging information on data governance best practices, processes, standards and technologies, and their impact on enabling better. Specific topics may include:

  • • Common glossary of data quality attributes
  • • Relationship management
  • • Product planning and sales
  • • Risk management and assessment of counterparty risk
  • • Fraud protection and better dynamic anomaly detection

Program Information/Materials

For more information, contact Dan Schutzer,

Identity Assurance

A forum for information exchange on activities related to identity applications and initiatives (both cyber and physical). It is currently focusing on following the government’s National Strategy for Trusted Identity in Cyberspace (NSTIC) and the recently formed private sector-run Identity Ecosystem Steering Group working on developing policies, legal frameworks, business models, technology architecture standards and regulation.

For more information, contact Dan Schutzer,

BITS is also leading a Mobile Security Project.


This group focuses on identifying and hearing about technology research of interest to our members and the various BITS initiatives and working groups from guest speakers.

Program Information/Materials

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Vendor Management Special Interest Group

The Vendor Management SIG meets monthly to discuss outsourcing issues and share successful strategies to assure the security and privacy of third-party services.

Program Information/Materials

For more information, contact Jim Pitts,

For more information about BITS Special Interest Groups, contact Ann Patterson at or 202.589.2448.